Reasons to Learn German

When I went for a haircut this morning in the nearby Moabit area in Berlin, it was a small barber shop run, by Eunus, originally from Damascus, but he wasn’t a new Syrian refugee as he had been in Berlin for 20 years. His German sounded pretty fluent as I listened to him chat to another customer, Nelson from Zimbabwe. Nelson who already had pretty short hair before the cut, was getting his head shaved and perhaps I should have taken that as a foreshadowing of my haircut to come. Anyway, when it was my turn I found out that Eunus only had very little English. I explained that I just wanted a regular hair cut. But what’s a regular haircut? especially having just shaved the previous customer’s head. I indicated short hair and assumed he understood, but he obviously had a different understanding and once he’d started there was no going back. He was pretty friendly despite the language barrier and he was never aware that it was much shorter than I anticipated.
So I guess I got value for my money - €10 - an expresso and a very tight haircut. Next time I’m bringing a photo taken after my previous haircut, so there can be no misunderstanding. :)