The New Frontier- Draft 1 completed today

I finished the first draft of my new book "The New Frontier" today. It's the second book in the trilogy, and follows on two years later from where "The House Always Wins" finished.
It's a crime spy novel, set Berlin and London in the present day, and starts with Ethan Harris and Amy Knight rushing to Berlin after their friend Axel Mueller has been killed and as they investigate they find GCHQ and BND (UK and German intelligence agencies) are involved in a new secret project. I had planned about 320 pages but it ended up being 380 pages to tell the story from start to end. It's taken me 9 weeks to get this first draft done, writing around 1500 words every day (mostly 7 days a week)
I'm going to take a break now for a week and catch up on painting and photography and a little travel and then when I return to it with fresh eyes, I plan to get Draft 2 and possibly Draft 3 completed in the next 2 months before my return to Ireland in August.