Last day of 2017 Berlin Trip

Berlin Trip
It's the last day of my 4-month trip to Berlin before I fly home to Dublin. I'm not sure "trip" is the right word as after the first few weeks I settled into living here in Berlin and working on this writing project, so a 4-month project is probably more correct.

For the first 9 weeks, I concentrated on writing every day, about 1500 words (6 pages) a day, mostly 7 days a week. This usually took about 2 - 3 hours a day as I was prepared every day and knew what I was going to write. After 9 weeks I had the first draft completed (98,000 words, 380 pages). 

I also took a lot of photos and created about 20 paintings and drawings. I settled into visiting museums and galleries once or twice a week, rather than every day as I did in the first two weeks. 

The writing meet-ups were of great value to me and I went to them 3 times a week and made a few friends there, and it motivated me to hear what others were writing- short stories, essays, novels, film scripts, graphic novel scripts and poetry.

Sometimes I went to other meet-ups - drawing, photography, technology, graphic arts and social. There's so much going on in this city I could have gone to several meet-ups every day if I wanted to but I found a balance by settling for 3 writing meet-ups and one or two others per week.

I took a break for a few days after draft 1 was complete and then focused on completing draft 2 and draft 3 by the start of August (about 8 weeks) I underestimated how much work was required in the editing/ rewriting and so I found myself just concentrating on it, excluding other activities during the last 4 weeks. 
However, I managed to finish draft 3 yesterday and so I'm ready to print 6 copies on my return, to give to my beta-readers in early August. 
It's been a fantastic project and I've really enjoyed living in Berlin and I'll be coming back next year to write book 3.
The book is called The New Frontier and continues the story from The House Always Wins ( but it's not necessary to have read Book 1). There is a main plot and four sub plots all woven together and set in Berlin in the present day and London in the past.