This section shows a collection of Art / Photography videos which I have made in recent times. The idea behind the videos is to talk to the artists, discuss their background, explore the ideas behind their work, show them working in the studio and view their artworks.

A Drink With James Joyce

This 11 minute video shows the making of a James Joyce sculpture by Ian Pollock


Gerry McGourty, New catalog 2016

Gerry McGourty discusses the paintings in his new catalog.


Gerry McGourty, Artist (2014)

This is a 15-minute documentary on artist Gerry McGourty, his paintings, thoughts and inspiration


Aidan Harte, Sculptor (2014)

This 6-minute video is about the work of sculptor Aidan Harte and the process of making sculptures.


Cast Bronze Foundry (2014)

This 3-minute video is a more detailed view of the Cast Bronze Foundry mentioned in the Aidan Harte video above.


Francis O'Toole, Artist (2014) 

This 12-minute video is about the life and work of artist Francis O'Toole, his journey from discovering painting while recovering from a serious accident, to training in Florence over 4 years, to setting up a studio in Dublin and producing stunning contemporary portraits, influenced by 18th and 19th century artists and modern artists.



Gerry O'Leary Architectural Photographer (2009)

Gerry O'Leary is a leading Irish architectural photographer and this documentary explores his work. This 24-minute video was shot in 2009

A Sunday morning cycle in Ferns Co Wexford

A 12-minute audio journey into the countryside when I lived in Ferns, Co Wexford in 2009.