History Videos

This History Video section are part of the Quirky Dublin series which I have been developing with Anne Marie Hayes. She is doing the research and presentation and I'm doing the directing, filming and editing. Newer videos are at the end.


The Ouzel Galley

Part of the Quirky Dublin series: In this 4-minute video "The Ouzel Galley"  Anne Marie Hayes, national tour guide tells the story of the disappearing and re-appearing ship the Ouzel Galley in 1695.


Dr Parke I Presume

Another video in the Quirky Dublin series: In this 4-minute video  "Dr Parke I Presume" Anne Marie Hayes explores the life of Dr Thomas Parke, who's statue stands outside the Natural History Museum in Dublin, and his expedition into Africa.


The Caravaggio Connection

New Quirky Dublin: The connections between a murder in Gorey, Co Wexford, a famous painting in Dublin and a stained glass window in memory of dead husband.


The Visit of King George IV

New Quirky Dublin: Georgian Dublin architecture and the visit of King George IV to Dublin in 1820.