Older Videos

These are older videos which I made a few years ago. A 3-minute time lapse journey, a 15-minute drama, a 3-minute surreal video, and a 25-minute documentary on Online Dating. At that time the videos were shot using Standard Definition so the quality is lower than the recent videos in the other sections which are shot using High Definition.


The Tell-Tale Phone

This 15-minute drama shot in Killiney woods, was made 12 years ago (2002) 

Note how technology really dates a video:  the mobile phones in use in 2002 were Nokia 3110 series and Vodafone flip-ups (remember them?).

Time Travel

This is a time lapse video filmed on the journey from North Wexford to South Dublin, a distance of 100km covered in 3 minutes.



O Felix Culpa (O Happy Fall)

This 3-minute surreal video was created over 24-hours for the Fast Forward Film Festival Ireland in 2007. The Voodoo master prepared a spell to protect his girlfriend (represented by the dolls). Unfortunately the she has too much to drink and is killed by falling down the stairs. But by happy coincidence (serendipity) her ghost returns to be with him always...

Women Dating Online

This 25-minute documentary was made in 2007  (and online dating has progressed quite a bit in the last 7 years). It explores three areas of online dating based on women's experience:  

1.  The business of online dating - two women who run the most successful dating sites in Ireland)

2. The psychology of online dating  - a Queens University professor who has done a research project and written a book about it. 

3. The process of Online dating - two women's experience in online dating.